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Finally won my 1st pubg match last night. 😎

Couldn't find any weapons for a while. Ran around with just a pistol and tons of accessories. Finished up with UMP and shotgun (never fired, like new in box). 😉

A friend of mine was watching Bob Ross on Netflix and decided to make his own. The happy little trees weren't so happy so he added The Eye of Sauron to the painting. 😆

I told him that I imagined Minas Tirith looked a bit more majestic but I respected his artistic vision. 😉

My wife has someone come in to clean sinks, tubs, etc. once a month. We have some lights with dimmers like this.
The cleaner turns them on and cleans but forgets by the time they're done and just pushes the dimmer all the way down.

I guess the cleaning chemicals are too strong. 😏

From a birthday ride to Arkansas a couple years ago. I need to be riding more and working less. 😀

:nes_old_man: I saw a Star Trek version of the "It's Dangerous to go alone" from :nes_link: using a bunch of red shirts. I decided to make my own Dr Who and Yoda versions. Here's what I ended up with:


Cleaning in the garage and decided to put the spare hardware to use.

I found my wife out in the garage using it the other day. She said "I like out here. It's quiet and nice and cozy".

Daughter: "Daddy, can you help me on a little project on my minecraft server?"
Me: "Sure, what do you want to do?"
Her: "Build a shopping mall!"
Me: "?!?!?!?"
Her mother before we start: "Time for bed for little girls"
Me, 2.5 hours later:

This dead hard drive keeps getting more writing on it. 😄